We Help You Rebuild Relationships with Your Alienated Children

Is your child is being turned against you or being stopped from seeing you?

Do you feel like you are losing your child and you don’t know what to do?
You probably never heard the term “Parental Alienation” until it happened to your child.

We have expert understanding of how alienation can affect you and your child

Our unique 9-Step Program and personal Coaching can help you rebuild your priceless relationship with your child, protect your child against the alienator and restore your emotional strength.

9-step program


When I met Charlie I was going through the worst experience of my life. I was in shock and fearful of doing things that could push my son away. His program gave me confidence not to let my son walk all over me in an attempt to restore our relationship. Charlie empowered me to take back control.

Charlie’s programme is very good value for money, he gives 110% to his clients and he genuinely wants to help people who are having a difficult time.

NJ, United Kingdom

How we can help you

Parental alienation is traumatic for your child and you. Your child is fed false narratives about you and pressured not to see you. They are trapped in a fear-based relationship with the alienator and their behaviour towards you can become hostile or worse still, they may cut you off altogether.

Parental alienation is counter-intuitive and dealing with it successfully is dependent on understanding your child’s experience.

We help you to see the root causes, rather than the symptoms of how your child is being affected, so you can adapt your parenting style to their needs to help them through this experience.

If you don’t currently have contact, then you will be preparing for future opportunities to bond with your child, ensuring that you are ready to make the most of any chances that present themselves. You need these skills now as you don’t know when your child might reach out.

You also have to deal with your own experience of being an alienated parent. Parents tend to focus on their children, not realising that your own emotional state has a big impact on your ability to help your child.

You are probably feeling disempowered, as well as grief-stricken, guilty, isolated, afraid and worried. We will help you shift back to being emotionally resilient so that you are better able to support your child. This also benefits your overall wellbeing.

We provide training and coaching to support you and your child through alienation, rebuilding your precious relationship.

We know that your experience of alienation is unique and we ensure that you receive support that is tailored to you and your family.

The 9-Step Program is a 4 month training and coaching course that takes you through the key aspects of dealing with alienation and provides you with a Personal Plan for rebuilding relationships with your child. Alternatively, you may prefer access to our expertise through personal Coaching, allowing deeper exploration of specific areas that you are currently dealing with.

This program has helped me strengthen my communication with my alienated daughter immensely.

We have a new relationship and I have healthier boundaries.  I am so much happier and no longer wake up with that achy feeling of loss in the middle of my chest.

The return on your investment is it will change your life.

MB, United States

Why Us

We have been through parental alienation and know that it is only by having this experience that anyone can truly understanding what you and your child are enduring. We combine personal experience with extensive knowledge and practical application of alienation expertise to help you overcome alienating behaviours and rebuild relationships with your child.

Experiencing alienation is a bit like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle without a picture of what the end result looks like. Our expertise helps you to understand what goes where and what your personal picture looks like so you can take actions that are tailored to your situation.

Parents that have gone on the 9-Step Program or had personal Coaching have rapidly transformed the way that they experience alienation. We typically see parents and their children benefitting from an enhanced understanding of alienation within 2 to 3 weeks.

Here are some of the ways the you can benefit from our support. 

We help you to understand how alienation works, how it is affecting you and your child and ways that enable you to start taking back control

We help improve relationships with your children and restore the parent / child relationship that is being undermined by the alienator

We rebuild your self-confidence and emotional resilience so that you become a better Role Model for your child plus help you to embrace your own life again

Through Charlie’s program, the most valuable lesson that I learnt was that it’s imperative to master strategies to take care of yourself immediately, as this is the only way that we can have the energy and confidence of being a good role model for our children.

We tend to move in the direction of our dominant thoughts, which with parental alienation are based on fear.  Charlie’s program helped me develop multiple strategies on how to change my thoughts and perspectives and subconscious.

TH, Australia