About Charlie

Who I am

Charlie McCready is an expert coach helping parents and children affected by the complex pathology of parental alienation. He has lived through alienation of his own children, having gone through periods of strained contact and no contact before successfully reuniting, rebuilding those precious loving relationships.

Charlie has over twenty years of experience of parental alienation and brings practical knowledge gained from working with a wide range of parents and their collective experiences of alienation.

Charlie’s deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of parental alienation enables him to provide invaluable insights and effective strategies for parents navigating this painful experience. Through a combination of extensive research, personal experience and working with families worldwide, Charlie has developed a comprehensive parental alienation “toolkit”. This equips parents with the necessary skills to support their children through the trauma of alienation as well as restoring their own mental and emotional resilience.

His empathetic approach, combined with his deep knowledge of complex grief and trauma, allows him to guide parents in avoiding common pitfalls and taking the necessary steps towards rebuilding relationships with their children.

Charlie has a warmth and compassion that embraces and supports you. He raises your energy and brings hope to your life. His sincerity and integrity are refreshing and gives comfort that he is in your corner looking out for your best interests.

Although Charlie is dealing with a serious subject he brings an energy and enthusiasm that helps you move out of feeling down and finding yourself experiencing optimism and hope once again.

He has been through alienation himself, so knows how I feel and how hard it is missing my child. I really liked how he has developed lots of analogies and clever ways to provide simple and profound insights into how alienation impacts my kids and me. I always felt he had my back

GP, United States