When faced with the distressing impact of parental alienation, seeking the guidance of a skilled practitioner like Charlie McCready can make all the difference. He brings expertise in parental alienation dynamics, tailored strategies, effective communication techniques, emotional support, and access to valuable resources.

Charlie helps you to rebuild relationships with your children, develop your self-esteem and restore your emotional resilience. If you currently have no contact with your children, Charlie helps you to prepare for future opportunities so that you ensure you make the most of those precious chances to begin re-uniting.

Here are some valuable benefits you gain when working with Charlie as your trusted coach, paving the way for healing and rebuilding relationships:

Expertise in Parental Alienation: Charlie brings a wealth of expertise in the field of parental alienation. He deeply understands this complex phenomenon and has developed a unique approach that helps you understand how alienation affects both your children and you. He guides you through the counter-intuitive nature of alienation, helping you avoid common mistakes, rebuilding precious relationships with your children, helping you on your own healing journey and taking back control of your life.

Tailored Strategies: Every experience of parental alienation is unique, and Charlie uses his broad understanding to carefully assess your circumstances, crafting personalised strategies that address the root causes of parental alienation, fostering healing and reconciliation. This tailored approach ensures you receive the specific tools and techniques needed to navigate your unique experience and rebuild relationships with your child.

Focusing on Your Child’s Needs. It is important that you learn how to get to the root causes of your child’s behaviours and that you understand their experience of alienation. Charlie helps you see through their eyes so that you can look beyond their behaviours, adapting your parenting style and providing the support they need. Alienation can potentially last for many years, and Charlie helps you build foundations that will help your relationships with your children today and in the future. 

Being a Role Model: A fundamental aspect of countering the negative impacts of alienation on your child is by being a Role Model of the parent you want them to experience. Children subconsciously connect with how we present ourselves and what we say and do. Charlie helps you develop your skills as a Role Model so that your children experience you as a positive, loving and compassionate parent when they spend time with you and through the communications you send them. This helps restore trust, resolve conflicts, and foster a child/parent relationship.

Restoring Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing: Charlie understands that parental alienation can be an emotionally draining experience for you as a parent. You will have a range of emotions that have particular characteristics associated with alienation, including how you experience grief, guilt, injustice, isolation, powerlessness and anxiety. As a compassionate and supportive coach, Charlie provides a safe space for clients to explore their emotions and process their experiences. Whilst you may be a victim of parental alienation, you do not need to act like a victim and you are much stronger than you think. Charlie empowers you to regain your self-esteem and restore your mental and emotional resilience through guidance and encouragement.

A Healed Parent Heals Their Children.

Parents often pay too little attention to their own well-being as all the focus is on their children. This means that you are not yet healed as a parent, and your own issues and needs remain unresolved.

When you engage with your child, you will mix your needs with theirs. Charlie understands this crucial aspect of rebuilding relationships with your child, which is why he emphasises your own well-being so that you can best help your child.

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Coaching with Charlie is US $150 / £125 per hour, held over Zoom and offers the option of being recorded so you can listen to valuable insights about your unique situation again at your leisure. Parents who do 5 Coaching sessions get the 5th ONE FOR FREE.  Use the buttons above to book a session for a time that suits you.

Charlie was very quick to understand what I was going through with my daughter. I really felt he knew what I was going through and I was surprised just how much he was able to tell me about my own experience, it was like I was no longer alone.

The thing I liked most about working with Charlie was his infectious optimism. I never expected to find myself laughing and coming away revitalised. All the therapy session I have had were pretty sombre. Charlie has a very different style that elevates you and leaves you feeling good at the end of each session.

AD, United Kingdom