How did my happy, close and loving relationship with my child end up so torn apart?

We cover the answers to these questions in my 9-step programme and daily posts to raise awareness, inform and uplift.

First of all, you are not a bad parent, and nor are the many thousands (maybe millions) of others going through this terrible experience called parental alienation.

An alienated child is coercively controlled, trauma bonded and enmeshed, usually following a high conflict separation or divorce with a parent who is hell-bent on vengeance for what they delude themselves (and others) are your perceived wrongs.

They badmouth and project. They engage in pathogenic parenting.

For the ‘targeted’ who witness their child being poisoned against them, and then ‘choose’ to reject them and distance themselves, it is traumatic.

In our grief and anger, we can often make things worse as the alienating parent has laid so many traps for us to fall into.

This heartbreaking, isolating, often misunderstood, denied, and under-supported experience is emotional and psychological abuse of you and the children involved.

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